EWO Co-op, WIL & EL Month

Ontario Universities & Colleges – creating a week long series of events is a great way to highlight the talent at your school and have some fun with your students and employers

  • We would like to encourage each school to come up with their own week of events (or month if you have already been planning ahead) where you can showcase award winners, spotlight stories, fun events for your students and ways for your employer partners to engage.  When doing this try to include your own hashtag, #InnovativeWIL, #InnovativeCoop, #InnovativeEL #hirestudents & #EWO2021, #coop #WIL, #EL
  • We have created social media themes for each week, and we hope you play along and encourage your students and employers to as well.
  • Each week’s contest has a $25 gift card prize to Starbucks that will be randomly drawn at the end of the week for those who participated by using the hashtag #EWO2021. Please also use #InnovativeWIL, #InnovativeCoop, #InnovativeEL, #hirestudents, #coop, #WIL, #EL but we will be using #EWO2021 for the prize.

Innovative WIL, Innovative Co-op, Innovative Experiential Learning

The partnership between students, post-secondary institutions and employers goes way beyond a student signing up for a program, writing a resume and an employer posting a job and picking a student who applied. In EL, in co-op and within other forms of WIL there is so much more!

Students move from being part of a classroom community to becoming part of an organizational culture, on the floor, rolling up their sleeves, on the edge of discovery about industry and about who they are.

Experiential Learning is all about Doing, Reflecting and then Learning from it and Growing. So, let us take this month to break those pieces down and have some fun while we are at it.

Enjoy the month as together we highlight nationally and within Ontario why EL, Co-op and WIL are the way forward!

See the EWO Events Calendar for additional events in March