Co-op Student of the Year Awards 2013

EWO announces its 2013 Co-op Student of the Year award recipients 

The EWO Co-op Student of the Year Award recognizes Ontario Co-op students who have showcased exceptional job achievement, extra-curricular involvement, academic achievement and a strong contribution to Co-operative Education.

Our Committee is pleased to announce the winners along with two honourable mentions for the College and University Awards for 2013:

College Winner: Hargurdeep Singh – Sheridan College

Hargurdeep Singh, a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design & Drafting Co-op student at Sheridan College, has been selected as the winner of the 2013 Co-op Student of the Year in the College category. During his Co-op work term with the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies,
Hargurdeep stood out for his initiative, leadership and drive. He formed the Sheridan Engineering Association (SEA) which he quickly grew to 200+ members. Hargurdeep built a partnership between the SEA and The Tetra Society of North America. Their projects for the design of assistive devices for people with disabilities were added to curriculum allowing Hargurdeep and his colleagues to offer incredible value to this organization.

Through Hargurdeep’s efforts, Sheridan is the first college in Canada to have a student chapter with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Hargurdeep is a great example of what can happen when students choose to go above what is required and to give back to their classmates, program and school.

University Winner: Massine Bouzerar – Brock University

Massine Bouzerar, a 4th year Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op student at BrockUniversity has been selected as the winner of the 2013 Co-op Student of the Year Award in the University category. As a Financial Analyst Co-op student at Mondelez International, he spearheaded an audit of one of the divisions, making recommendations that would save the company $10 million over the long
term and introducing an additional $140 million in potential business ventures.
With a 93% average, Massine has also been a devoted advocate for Brock Co-op.

For the past 2 years he has participated in recruitment and liaison activities both on campus and in Toronto. Massine’s passion and fervor for entrepreneurship is evident in several of his current extracurricular roles. He serves as the President and Founder of Niagara Youth Business Education Initiative, which is a not-for-profit organization targeting youth to expose them to future careers in business.
Each of these students will receive a plaque and cheque for $500.

Congratulations to the winners of these prestigious awards!
Our Committee felt strongly about two additional nominations, and would like to give Honourable Mentions to:

Kristen Leigh Metz from Sheridan College and Lauren Patrick from the University
of Guelph for their achievements.

We wish to thank all of the nominees and their supporting employers and institutions for their participation.


Your EWO 2013 Co-op Student of the Year Award Committee:
June Martin (Georgian College),
Alexis Trejgo (George Brown College),
Kirk Patterson (University of Waterloo) and
Daniela Ibarra (Ryerson University)