WIL Workshop Presentation

Posted Sep 20th, 2016 in Member Updates, Notice Board

EWO is pleased to provide the PowerPoint presentation from our PD day in June on the WIL Guide as facilitated by Gretchen Kerr and Ashley Stirling from the University of Toronto. We hope this will come in handy with any presentations you may be doing on Work Integrated Learning.

WIL Workshop presentation

EWO is proud to partner with the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) to launch the WIL Guide.

English version
French version

To download the PDF, just click on the ‘Guide’ link located at the top of the page.

The guide is intended to serve as a resource for staff, faculty, academic leaders and educational developers involved with WIL to enhance student learning and development through structured work experience offered through post-secondary programs. Should you require further information, please contact us.