Education at Work Ontario - Strategic Plan: Outlook for 2015 - 2020

Posted Dec 16th, 2015 in Archive


EWO is the established voice of Post-Secondary Co-operative Education in Ontario.


The mission of EWO is to foster high quality Co-operative Education while ensuring an integral partnership between student, employers, post-secondary educational institutions, governments and professional associations. 


  • Commitment to ongoing professional development
  • To maintain Accountability
  • To continue to be supportive and sensitive to the current needs, issues and education of co-operative education stakeholders
  • Promotion of ethical and professional standards for co-operative education programs in Ontario
  • To commit to communicate the on the value of Co-operative Education to all stakeholders and the community
  • To collect and use relevant statistics and information
  • To contribute to the professional and personal growth of co-operative education students


Short-term (June 2015)
  • To meet with relevant Professional Associations (i.e. HRPA) to promote the value of co-operative education
  • To encourage EWO members to enter data in the CAFCE National Statistics Database
  • Maintain Professional Development focus for biennial retreat
  • Evaluate and enhance government-relations strategy (i.e. EWO links on government websites).
  • Lobby for change to the Employment Standards Act
  • Maintain and enhance Volunteer Management Program that recruits, retains and recognizes EWO volunteers
  • Investigate adding honorary members to the EWO communication list
  • To develop an EWO Communication Plan

Mid-term (2015-2017)
  • Collect and compile statistical information.
  • Investigate joint conference initiatives with similar associations (i.e. CACEE – Ontario Regional)
  • Investigate a Professional Certification Program for Co-op Practitioners
  • Increase visits to the web site targeted to employers
  • Develop a generic Employer Manual that is more detailed than the web site.
  • Develop employer workshops for the biennial retreat/conference
  • Apply for summer jobs funding (deadline Jan 31). If approved, hire co-op student to help EWO achieve their goals

Long-term (2015-2020)
  • To continue to support CAFCE as our national organization (e.g. membership, conferences, etc.)
  • Target small business who are not already hiring co-op students. Develop benefits of co-op for small business
  • Develop a professional certification program for Co-op Practitioners
  • Set up a media campaign, collect a list of media to target and feed stories as needed
  • To promote Co-operative Education and EWO's (overall) vision and priorities through strategic relations with all levels of governments including governing and opposition parties, politicians, civil servants and government agencies