5 Key Words to Include in Your Interview

Posted Apr 27th, 2015 in For Students

By Katlynd Poulton

During your interview, there should be key words you look to incorporate. No matter what position you’re striving to obtain, no matter what organization it is for, the interviewer will be analyzing your preparedness and listening for significant wording. If you do your research before the interview, you can make sure you hit certain words pertinent to the particular job you’re being interviewed for. Where should you look? Easy… take a look at the company’s website and any written material they may offer (brochures, flyers, etc.). A company’s key words are often found within a mission statement, vision or a company’s summary statement.

Besides the company’s key words there are a few other common key words you should incorporate into your interview in order to impress the facilitator and help you stand out as a worthy candidate. Try incorporating the following 5 words into your next interview where/when appropriate:

1. Prepare
Let the person(s) conducting the interview know how you prepared for the interview, let them know that you took a look at their website; know their missions and values and also what the job role entails. Make sure you understand what the job role is that you’re applying for and come prepared to answer questions about the role you’re being interviewed for.

2. Follow-up
If applicable, share how you have taken the time to follow up in the past and what made your follow up successful. It’s great to share work related experience, so if you have faced challenges gaining responses from people in your past jobs or education, share how you followed up to ensure projects would be completed on time.

3. Organization
Demonstrate how you maintain organization skills and what tactics you use in order to ensure you stay organized! Let the interviewer know why you think it is important to stay organized and how these skills will benefit the job role you are hoping to obtain.

4. Initiative
Employers want to know if you’re going to get the job done and how you can go above and beyond their expectations. Describe scenarios where you have gone above the call of duty or taken the initiative to start something meaningful at a past job. This will show the employer that you’re up for a challenge and can be counted on to work hard.

5. Culture
After conducting research prior to the interview, you should have a general idea about the company’s culture. When asked why you would like to work there or what you know about the company, give a brief overview of what you learned about them through your research which will also show the interviewer you cared enough to take the time to do some work before the interview.