Appreciating and Acknowledging Your Staff

Posted Mar 26th, 2015 in For Employers

Consider recognizing your co-op student for internal employee rewards or awards

By Katlynd Poulton

Employers are often looking for ways to recognize employees for their hard work, accomplishing project milestones, surpassing target goals and the list goes on. Great employers go out of their way to recognize outstanding work regularly, rewarding their employees along the way. Employees love to be acknowledged and it’s important for each staff member to feel that they are valued. Making sure all of your assets are recognized as such, will help maintain the employee’s work ethic and positive team morale. Some employers usually identify a full-time staff member or an employee with seniority for these kinds of rewards, but what about co-op student? It's understandable that an employer would want to recognize the dedication and loyalty that an employee demonstrates over time, but temporary recruits demonstrate these traits, too!

Throughout the duration of a co-op students' work term, they work very hard to impress the employer, often producing top quality results. Co-op students all across Ontario are commended for their hard work by their employers, who are often presently surprised by the students’ initiative and dedication to the job. So, why not recognize these employees, too?

Recently, a co-op employer in Kitchener, Ontario did just that! itec group Inc. decided to recognize their co-op student from Conestoga College. According to the acting supervisor at itec group Inc., this marked the first time a co-op student had ever won this particular internal award, based on the student’s positive attitude and tremendous work ethic. This particular student was also recognized as one of Conestoga’s co-op students of the year for her 2014 co-op performance.

It’s wise to keep in mind that the co-op students you employ are likely working to impress you to the point where you can’t resist offering them part-time or full-time employment! Once these students graduate, they will be entered into a pool of hundreds of other graduates across Canada looking for a similar job. That’s why, while employed at your establishment, your co-op student is likely a top performer in the hopes that they may potentially secure a job with you after graduation! A co-op student is unlikely to assume they will win any kind of award while fulfilling their work term, which is why this can be an exciting moment for both the student who is not likely expecting to be recognized and for the employer presenting the award. So, the next time you are thinking of rewarding one of your employees, consider your co-op student. Have they surpassed your expectations? Do the show great initiative? Would you offer them long-term employment? If you answered yes, why would you not consider rewarding them for their efforts?

As an employer, if you don’t already actively do your best to praise your employees, thank them for their efforts and occasionally surprise them with some form of reward, you should start! It’s important for your team to know they are an invaluable and appreciated group of workers. Think of some ways to acknowledge your employees and share them with us in the comment box below!

You can also recognize your co-op student for their achievements through EWO's Co-op Student of the Year Awards. Check out our Co-op Student Awards for nomination details and further information!