EWO Co-op Students of the Year

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General Information 
EWO is looking for a university co-op student and a college co-op student of the year (2011). Each winning student will receive an award of $500.00. 
EWO member institutions are encouraged to nominate two candidates with the approval of the employers involved. THE INITIATOR CAN BE EITHER THE CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATION EMPLOYER OR THE CO-OPERATIVE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION! 
EWO requests that members direct their co-op professionals, faculty and employers to this form (no more than two (2) candidates per institution). All nomination materials become the property of EWO to be used in promoting co-operative education and each student will be required to provide their Social Insurance Number upon winning. 
A. Any undergraduate, applied degree or diploma student registered full-time in a recognized post-secondary co-operative education program throughout the period from January - December 2011. Secondary school students are not eligible for this award. 
B. In order to be eligible for this award, students must be nominated by any individual from an EWO member institution or a participating co-op employer. EWO requests that each institution or employer nominate no more than two (2) candidates. Wherever possible, the nominees should be from different programs within the institution. 
C. Co-op work terms must meet EWO’S Definition of Co-operative Education (http://www.cafce.ca/pages/coopdefined.php). 
D. Work term, for which the student is being nominated, must be completed within the calendar year, 2011. 
The EWO Co-op Student of the Year Awards Committee uses the criteria listed below to evaluate candidates. Nominees are scored initially on a scale of 100 points. The value of each criterion is indicated in brackets. Subsequent review within the committee of the merits of top candidates (based on initial scores) helps to determine the two winners. 
1. (30pts) Job Achievement 
2. (15pts) Contribution to Co-operative Education 
3. (15pts) Student’s Personal Statement 
4. (10pts) Contribution to Extra-Curricular Activities at School and/or the Community-At-Large 
5. (10pts) Student’s Résumé (which includes previous employment)
6. (15pts) Academic Achievement 
7. (5pts) Overall Assessment/Personal Comments 
Nomination packages MUST include the following items presented in the order below in PDF format: 
1. nomination form 
2. employer’s statement on company letterhead and signed 
3. institution’s statement on institution's letterhead and signed 
4. student’s personal statement with signature (two (2) page MAXIMUM, single sided) 
5. student’s current academic transcript (present the candidate’s grades as a percent out of 100, unofficial transcripts must be signed by Co-op Director) 
6. student’s current resume (two (2) page MAXIMUM, single sided) 
7. student's portfolio (optional, two (2) page MAXIMUM, double sided) 
Guidelines for the content and for material of the nomination items listed above are outlined in the Nomination Material Guidelines. We strongly advise all students, employers, and co-op educators to read and follow the guidelines presented. Only those nomination packages that meet the guidelines will be forwarded to the selection committee. Incomplete or improperly prepared nominations will be disqualified by EWO. 
Guidelines for Nomination Materials 
The guidelines presented below are provided to assist in the preparation of the nomination package. Nominees are advised to adhere to the guidelines stipulated. Packages that do not meet the guidelines may be removed from consideration for the award by EWO. All parties are reminded that the committee is seeking well-rounded candidates who show evidence of achievement in all facets of the student’s background: academics, the workplace, and extracurricular/community activities. 
You are required to submit one (1) typewritten statement supporting the student nominee. Please submit the statement on institution letterhead (2 pages maximum, 1 inch margins, 10 pt font min.) In your statement, please comment on the student’s achievement in the co-op program; any achievements, awards, and extracurricular activities that you feel are worthy of mention; the student’s activities in support of co-op education; and any insights on the student’s personal qualities you feel warrant consideration. Where possible please be specific with your examples. Please include your signature at the bottom of the statement. 
You are also required to verify the student’s academic background by submitting a transcript (official or signed unofficial) and provide the student’s cumulative grade point average. EWO requires that you convert all grading systems, where necessary, to present the candidate’s grades as a percent out of 100. Where letter grades represent a range of marks (ie. B+ = 77 – 79 %), grades should be rounded to the highest mark available in the range for that particular grade (79%). If the grade information requested on the nomination form is incomplete the nominee will receive zero (0) points for the academic achievement score (max 15 pts) in his/her evaluation. 
You are required to submit one (1) typewritten statement on company letterhead (2 pages maximum, 1 inch margins, 10 pt font min.) commenting on the student’s performance in the workplace. Please cover the following points in your statement: the student’s duties/responsibilities; the student’s performance in comparison to your expectations or in comparison to other co-op students; any outstanding work achievements (cost savings, process/quality improvements, design/development innovations, improved customer service, significant research or other initiatives etc.); how this student, or co-op students in general, have benefited your department/company. Where possible please be specific in your examples and offer any insights you may have on the student’s work habits and character. Please include your signature at the bottom of the statement. If you wish, you may send a copy of this letter as an Adobe PDF file to the institutions coordinator in lieu of an original document. 

You are required to prepare and submit the following items: 
 1. One (1) typewritten personal statement (2 pages maximum, single sided, 1 inch margins, 10 pt font min.) describing how co-operative education has enhanced your career development, personal development, and academic experience. Where possible please be specific in your examples. Your comments need to be limited to experience from the specific work term and calendar year for which you are being nominated. Please include your signature at the bottom of the statement. 
2. A copy of your current resume (2 pages maximum, single sided). Co-op work terms/experience should be clearly identified, and noted with work term dates. Extracurricular and community activities, scholarships and awards, etc. should also be noted. 
3. A portfolio (maximum 2 pages, double sided) is also recommended. You may include any items you feel will give the selection committee a better idea of who you are as a person. You may submit photocopies of newspaper and magazine articles, previous employer evaluations, letters of recommendation, published work, awards and citations, etc. Additional statements/essays/letters similar to those already requested from the institution, employer, and you in the nomination package are not acceptable. This is a maximum of two pages, double sided. 
We wish all nominees the best in their consideration for the Co-op Student of the Year Awards! 

PDF copies of all nomination materials will be accepted via email and must be

RECEIVED by 4:45pm on Tuesday January 24th, 2012

to the Co-Chair of EWO Co-op Student of The Year Awards 2011:

Kathleen McDowell, Coordinator, University of Toronto Scarborough, Co-op Programs in Management

Email: mcdowell@utsc.utoronto.ca  Phone: (416) 287-7488