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EWO exists as a volunteer organization and its continued existence and strength relies on the volunteers and institutions that support staff involvement. As a member of EWO, you are a voice for post-secondary co-operative education in Ontario. Please consider volunteering.

Volunteering with EWO has been a very rewarding experience. My first project was volunteering on the Conference Planning Committee.

It was exciting to be part of this committee and helping to plan conferences for my fellow practitioners. It was at one of these planning meetings that I was first approached and asked to consider becoming the President Elect.

My initial reaction was WOW! Could I do the job justice? Do I really know enough about co-op and EWO to take such a leadership role? Fortunately, I had some great board members and past presidents who eagerly offered guidance and mentorship along the way.

Working with members from universities and colleges across the province has been memorable and I cherish all the friendships I have made at the many events I attended and helped plan.

Being able to take a leadership role in the decisions and directions as an EWO Executive Board member and knowing that my contributions have helped EWO continue to be the "Voice of post-secondary co-operative education in Ontario" is something I am proud to be associated with.I hope you too will consider getting involved. The rewards are many!

Kitty Runstedler, Past-President, 2011

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